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    Our company was founded in 1994 under the initial name of Electric–Impuls SRL, its primary objective was the commissioning and maintenance of NC and CNC machinery, used in the industry of metal processing. The company began its activity with a single employee on a surface of 50 m2. With time the company started to expand ,thus making its presence felt in other branches of industry as well.Moreover,during this expansion it made contact with numerically controlled plastic injection machines and it has bought several of them.
    Following these events the company has changed its name in 2001 to SC Elplast SRL Sf. Gheorghe.In this moment we were only a step away from the development of a long lasting and diverse activity. In our 19 year long history we have acquired precious experience in the field of plastic and metal subassembly production whilst using both classical and cutting edge,computer-assisted machinery in the manufacturing process.We manufacture different products made out of plastic(using the method of plastic injection) and several types of metals,our parts being unique or massproduced.

    We produce molds, dies and other types of devices with various sizes mainly for the car industry (but not only), and the resulting products are used for our own subassemblies or sent to customers around Europe.
    Furthermore we manufacture welded subassemblies made out of a wide range of materials.The end products are then further processed mechanically and sent both to romanian clients and foreign customers.
    The diverse machine park of Elplast represents one of our the greatest advantages over our competitors.It includes numerous computer assisted machines (CNCs):milling centers,lathes, wire and solid electrode EDMs; and classical metal processing equipment as well(milling,grinding,drilling machines and lathes).
    We own a tempering,cementing furnace with numerical temperature control ,furthermore we have the possibility to execute electrical welding , to coat the parts that we produce with paint and to apply chemical browning treatment .
    We possess several plastic injection machines, which we can use to test the molds manufactured in our plant and finally we own two relatively small punching machines (eccentric respectively hydraulic) which can be used to produce small and medium punched parts.
    Not so long ago we have also bought a state of the art Micro-Vu Vertex 311UC 3D optical microscope, which is equiped with touch and laser sensors as well.
    The possibility to produce such diverse components being assured we decided to move one step further ,we have started the production of mechanical and electrical subassemblies, mainly made out plastic,these products being used not only in the car industry, but in other industrial branches as well.
    Our products are intentioned to satisfy not only the needs of the local,Romanian market but those of the European market as well. The keywords that characterize our mentality are complementarity,efficiency,quality and promptitude.This is the reason why the incomes of our company are annually reinvested in a proportion of 100%, moreover we take great care in the training of our employees.We firmly believe that this is the only path leading to succes in such a crowded,exacting international market.

Administrator SC Elplast SRL-Sf. Gheorghe
dipl.eng. Ștefan Partin

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