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  1.We manufacture and provide
  -Injection Molds+Maintenance
  -Mechanical Part Processing (metals and plastics)
  -different types of SDV-s
  -Injected Parts made of plastic
  -Punched Parts
  -Assemblies containing electrical and mechanical components
  -Welded Assemblies of small and medium size
  2.We provide
  -Heat Treatment and Cementation
  (for small and medium parts)
  -3D-optical-laser-touch Measurement –with report
  -Paint Coating
  -Chemical Browning at high temperature
  -the Transport of our parts to the client
  3.We accept to be subcontracted ,
  for the production of:

  -Prototype manufacturing
  -Mass Production
  -Manufacturing Dimension limit-1000 x 630 x630mm
  (with the possibility of numerical interpolation )
  -Measurement Dimension limit – 315 x 315 x 160 mm/12kg
  4.We design
  -based on Drawing
  -based on Model
  -after interactive Discussions
  -we prefer the CAD_CAM-Solid Works interface
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