Geometrical data:

CNC Machining Center HAAS VM3(2008)
with  3-5 axes
X=1016mm Y=660mm Z=635mm
CNC Machining Center CNC HAAS VM6 (2014)
with 3-5 axes
X=1626mm Y=813mm Z=762mm
CNC Machining Center CNC HAAS VF2-SS (2015)
X=762mm Y=406mm Z=508mm
Sinker Electroerosion
X=680mm Y=350mm Z=360mm
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Hexagon TIGO SF
500 x 580 x 500mm
3D measuring machine  Vertex 315 (2012) 315 x315x 160mm
CNC Milling machine Excel-Csepel SMT350/from2002 350x250x330mm
CNC Milling machines 4 axes Fehlmann/from1995 1000 x400x400mm
Lathe CNC EPA320/from 1995 320mm ;1000mm
Lathe CNC EAN 320/from1995 320mm ;1000mm
Lathe CNC SLT320 with two axis +Milling head/from 2002 320mm ;1.000mm
Heattreatment Furnace PK55/12-1280C
with numerical temperature control and setting
400x 250 x550mm
Electroerosion EDM machine ONA/from1990 X=500mm Y=300mm Z=250mm
Electroerosion EDM CNC ONA DATIC/from 1999 X=700mm Y=450mm Z=250mm
Electroerosion Wire EDM CNC Agiecut 250HSS/from1996
2 peaces
400 x250 x250mm
Coordinate Drilling machine (Numerical diplay)MIKROMAT 4B X=650mm Y=400mm Z=300mm
Coordinate Drilling machine Deckel(Numerical diplay) X=800mm Y=1000mm Z=700mm
Drilling machine Z=250mm
Drilling machine – Înfratirea Oradea Z=800mm
Milling FU 32 X=600mm Y=300mm Z=400mm
Grinding Machine Sanjo Blohm X=700 mm Y=250mm Z =250mm
Grinding machine plane RPO320 X=1000mm Y=350mm Z=320mm
Grinding machine RU100(cylindrical) FI=260mm x L=500mm
Grinding machine RU350(cylindrical) FI=350mm x L=700mm
LatheKART - Ungaria FI=250mm L=700mm
Lathe 1A625 FI=550mm L=1600mm
Hot Chemical browning device 700 x 400 x 400mm
Electrical welding machines With transformers,convertors and Invertors 0-400A
Electromecanical saw Pilous type D = 500mm
Plastic Injection machines,8peaces: Rico;Arburg;Boy typs 0-250grams and 25-80Tones
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